Thursday, September 25, 2008

That day in September

No, not that silly game where grown men run around on grass chasing a ball...who cares about stupid football grand finals, when this weekend sees something REALLY important going on?

Yes, it's the 2008 Olympia!

All the best to the gorgeous and very sweet Jen Hendershott, who came out of retirement (I knew she would!) to have another go at the Fitness title. She has some tough competition, but I'd love to see her back in the number one spot this year.

Send her some positive vibes, people!



Holy moley! Jen is SO ready! Go check out her blog and get a load of those abs!


ss2306 said...

Jen looks HOT !!!

ms_attitude said...

God, seeing this made me think about Kelly Ryan! Looks like they just got sentenced too...
Hope Jen wins. She's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

kek i linked you! i hope that my dubious readers are polite and civilised. i am very sorry if any are not, you are awesome! you rock!

Kek said...

Kitty, that's what comment moderation is for... ;o)

Caroline, I forgot ALL about Kelly Ryan.... Jen made only one comment about that whole situation. She said, and I quote: Karma is a bitch.

Rena Reese said...

What a great blog you have going here... You look terrific too! Thanks for the inspiring pic of Jen. Wow!

All the best in your Body for Life and beyond!

;+) Rena

ms_attitude said...

LOL 'karma is a bitch' hey... meow, but I guess it says it all! ;-) Dear Kelly obviously had it coming to her.

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