Friday, October 03, 2008

All set!

This week has been a blur of "stuff to do", but I've somehow made it though to Friday night without any major disasters. I was struggling a bit today though - tired, low on patience, a bit cold. Uh-oh. Classic symptoms of "your crazy carb-tolerant metabolism wants more fuel, PRONTO"

Luckily Coach came to my rescue with some extra rations this arvo, so I stuffed down a banana, gave up trying to work (handicapped by a brain that just would not function) and put myself to bed. Two hours later: muuuuch better thanks! The work got done, dinner got eaten, and I feel as though I'm organised.

If there's anything I've forgotten, I have Sara at my beck and call tomorrow to go get it for me. :o)

Final coats of tan get applied in the morning, my bag is packed, I have my rations of chicken and sweet potato, my rice cakes and honey, my jelly snakes, all prepared and ready to go.

My main mission tomorrow is to forget that there's a Koko Black in Camberwell, just up the road from the venue. I can't even go for a post-comp celebration - don't want to front up looking like a puffer fish on Sunday for comp number two!


Unknown said...

Good luck for the weekend Kek! Can't wait to hear how you go.

Unknown said...

Best of luck, Kek! You're going to rock it, I know it :-D

And repeat after me...

There is no Koko Black
There is no Koko Black
There is no Koko Black
There is no Koko Black
There is no Koko Black...

Working? No? (didn't think so)

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