Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back to normal

I'm sure I must have shrunk a dress size after scrubbing off all the layers of Dream Tan. We started off a bit tentative on Saturday, but went nuts with the stuff on Sunday. The end result was good - next time there'll be no pussy-footing around, I'll trowel it on.

I had a nice relaxed day yesterday, eating mostly normally, with some chocolate and champagne thrown in - a girl's gotta celebrate! I had two tiny morsels from Koko Black that were left from Saturday, and after dinner, I got into some M & Ms. Pretty restrained, really. Today I just feel like eating well - my body seems to want veggies, so that's what it's going to get. There may be a chocolate souffle on the menu too though. :p

Bike Boy's running off to Brisbane today. Or Sydney. Or somewhere.... can't really remember. My attention span has been a little short lately. Anyway, he'll be back tomorrow night. The kids are back at school, and I'm planning to catch up on some work, and some sleep. The washing machine is working overtime, and the weekend is beginning to seem like a distant memory.

This is a funny thing - I posted some photos from the comps on my Facebook profile and I'm suddenly being bombarded with friend requests from men that I've never heard of. Hmm.....

I'm about to go give Coach a call and see what she's up to. She threatened me with a one on one training session while she's in town, and after slobbing around yesterday, I just feel like a good old-fashioned thrashing in the gym.

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments - there's nothing quite like a bit of blog lurve. :o)


Shauna said...

Kekster! Congratulations comrade, you looked fab and sounds like it went great.. so proud of ya!

Ronnie said...

Kerryn, life goes on too quickly I think.

Facebook is a funny thing. I don't add anyone I don't know. I think some just want to have ahuge number of friends on their list.

Have a great day.

Lyndsay said...

Hi Kek,

I'm de-lurking myself to give you some well deserved blog lurve.

Congratulations on your achievement!! You look fantastic.

(and wowee at your biceps!)


Shar said...

Just caught up with the last few posts, NICE PICS, well done on stepping on stage.

Good you are back to it and listening to your body, veggies will be a good thing after all you did at the weekend!

I headed to Koko black after my comp and yes, they are divine choccies arn't they?

SHar x

Kelly Olexa said...

congrats girl!! And that is too funny, the word "trowel" cracks me up.

Link up with me on Facebook, you can link from my blog girl! Yay! I promise not to stalk you!


Wendy said...

congrats for the weekend Kek, was nice to see you and you were looking great!

I have the same deal with my facebook, i find it very amusing, i am sure if i change my facebook photo from a comp photo to a "mum" photo, i won't get haf the requests!! quite flattering really!!


Magda said...

Hey Kek,

I just wanted to say congratulations and well done in your 2 comps. Your pictures look great. Gorgeous bikini!!And NICE legs.



Anonymous said...

Kerryn, you looked wonderful!! Congratulations. It has been some time since I have blogged or looked at any blogs(had no computer in our crazy house due to the office becoming an internal staircase!!) You are truly inspirational - i've got to get back on my bike that's for sure!!! Again, you looked wonderful and congratulations on competing!!

Unknown said...

This is a funny thing - I posted some photos from the comps on my Facebook profile and I'm suddenly being bombarded with friend requests from men that I've never heard of. Hmm.....

Ahahahaha! That's Facebook for you - get loads of Indian men trying to add me as their friend. And then I ignore them, and they try to add me again. (They just never seem to get the hint!)

Yay to things getting back to normal. Chocolate souffle normal!

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