Sunday, October 26, 2008

Because you asked....

To save me answering the numerous "when's the house going to be finished?" questions I keep getting, I've added a countdown gadget under my blog header, just so y'all know where things are at.

Of course, that number may go UP instead of down, the way things are going.... *Harrumph!*

Here's a very quick update:

Tiling is all done. Staining of timber doors and windows is all done. Interior painting should be finished today (yes, many tradies actually work on Sundays) and the painter is a gem - one of the few tradesmen we've had who gives a shit about his work. My colour selections look completely awesome - can't wait to see the feature walls. They're not what you'd call shy colours.... :o) Exterior painting will probably be done tomorrow - there's not a lot, some render, some weatherboard, some small areas of eaves, a beam or two and a few trims. The electrician and plumber are booked for this week to do the fit-offs. Shower screens, mirrors and the glass kitchen splashback should be measured up and ordered about now. I think.

On the downside, some of the plaster isn't up to scratch - now that it's been painted, the dodgy areas really show up - so that will be pointed out at the site meeting we're having in the morning. And the interior finish of the garage leaves a LOT to be desired.... There are a few other odds and ends that need doing/fixing/replacing, but it's getting there.

We might be in by the end of November, but then again, maybe not. And I'm being as relaxed as I possibly can about the whole thing. Que sera, sera and all that.

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Jadey said...

Good luck Kek! I can't wait to see the hotos of the finished product.

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