Friday, October 17, 2008

Blog.... blog? What's a blog?

I have been a busy little bee - as you all can probably tell from the lack of blogging. Thank goodness my energy levels are back to normal, so I've been able to cope quite well with being back at the office, catching up on my backlog of work here at FitBodies Central (a.k.a. the spare bedroom) and kicking my own butt with training. Not to mention inventing and blogging some new recipes, keeping an eye on the tiler and other tradies over at our almost-completed house, getting through the biggest pile of washing you ever saw, driving kids to school, picking kids up from school, from work etc, and preparing my food each day.

Now that I've written all that down, I'm kind of thinking: hmm, I really HAVE been busy. How do I DO that? Oh, and I've been working madly getting all my records up to date, hunting down interest payments, collecting scrappy receipts and finding that elusive share dividend statement (where did I put that last October?) because....... it's TAX TIME again! Oh joy....

So, the point of this post? Um... excuse me for not fulfilling my daily blog quota?


Unknown said...

you're forgiven!! big of me eh?? lol

Witchazel said...

Hi Kerryn, I have just joined after reading your and Liz's blogs and I'm hoping we can get to know each other through this site. I am a 48 yr old heading to my first figure comp next May. My blog is
Gee why is this sounding like some sort of sleeze tryng to pick up a little girl! ugh!
Anyway - hope to hear from you

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