Monday, October 06, 2008

Comp photos

There's so much to say about the weekend, but I know everyone's waiting for photos, so I'll get some up now and be back later with a full report.

I do have to say a HUGE thank you to a few people though. Without such a great team behind me, I couldn't have got up on that stage looking as presentable as I did.

First, to Sara and Jase, not only for their sponsorship and for providing me with awesome Sana Direct products, but for coming all the way from Christchurch, just to support little old me. Jase took some (several hundred) amazing photos and Sara was the BEST backstage slapper any competitor could want. She now has totally mad skills with applying Dream Tan. :o) She also refrained from rolling her eyes (too much) at my ridiculous paranoia about being late, which resulted in my demanding that everything be done 3 hours ahead of time... LOL.

Then of course, there's Coach - Liz Nelson, who prepares athletes for competition the SANE way. I could never in a million years have followed the restrictive diets and crazy training schedules that many competitors sign up for. Well, maybe I could have, but it would have been at the expense of my mental health, and probably my family's too. When I decided to compete, I knew that Liz was the only coach I was prepared to put my trust in, and my judgement was spot-on. Seriously - when your comp prep nutrition plan has room for Indian food, chocolate souffles, Tim Tam Cornettos and Lindor Balls, how could you not love it? And it was fantastic to have Ms Lizzy there in person on Sunday to tell me my muscles were still a bit flat and I needed to eat MORE CHOCOLATE. Yeah!

The fabulous Jo Rogers, of Style On Stage worked some kind of magic with my bikini. That tiny piece of clothing transformed my sad flat chest and not-so-tight butt into something pretty acceptable. Plus it's just gorgeous. And beautifully made. She also did a great job with my routine (which I sooooo did not do justice to!), and taught me the basics of posing. Next time, I'm going to make sure to spend a lot more time with Jo, working on my posing, even if I have to fly to the Gold Coast to manage that.

And finally, I was very lucky to have Bike Boy behind me, taking care of things at home, cooking me good food, and just generally supporting me. Not to mention helping me with my routine on Friday night when my poor exhausted and slightly carb-depleted brain simply would NOT remember the moves. OK, so it was more like bossing me around and MAKING me go over and over the whole thing....but that was exactly what I needed. And then he turned up to both shows and sat through them, even though I know he finds them excruciatingly boring. Now that is true love.

So, thanks to Team Kek for everything - you guys are the best support crew anyone could want.

Enough's some photos:

Saturday (INBA)

It was a tough position, being placed next to Karen muscles look positively puny next to her.

I was really happy with my front double bicep pose. I knew my biceps were a strong point, but look at those quads! Spin bikes rock!

Side tricep - not too shabby.

Abs & thighs was the pose I was least confident about, but something just "clicked" while I was practicing backstage. Not too bad at all.

Sunday (ANB)

Some backstage shots:

With Coach. LOL - I look like I'm made of chocolate. Perhaps I overdid the Kit Kats and Lindor Balls......

Pumping up

The photo's a bit small and a bit dark, but I have seriously scary shoulder veins. LOVE 'em!

You know you're working hard when you start pulling ugly faces....

My muscles came in fuller and I was overall looking better on Sunday, except for the fact that my slightly sensitive digestive system staged a major objection to the sugar overload and I had some pain and bloating - that gave me a slightly distended tummy and smoothed out my abs, which was not the look I was going for, dammit! Legs and upper body looked awesome though. :o)

The lineup - there were 7 of us altogether, and some tough competition:

The girl in black won first place. The woman next to her, in red, was 58 years old!

There you go - I'm off now; going to jump in the shower to scrub off the remaining Dream Tan (that stuff sticks like superglue!!), wash all the hairspray out of my hair, and then finish washing all my clothes. Then I may have a nap.... two 1:30am nights in a row are way too much for this girl!


Kathryn said...

Totally amazing - you rock!

RaeC said...

Well done Kek... you looked pretty amazing my girl!!

ss2306 said...

Woof whistles all round and a HUGE congrats Kerryn. You looked absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, amazing and all other nice words too. So wish I could have been there screaming in the crowd - maybe next time now you've already implied there will be a next time. You go girl!

gypsy77 said...

Well Done Kek!!!!!

You looked so amazing up on the stage....Kitty and I were in awe!

Your hot stuff!


Ronnie said...

Dare I say about bloody time!! :-)

You look fantastic Kerryn. I love your hair. Your muscle definition was pretty good too but most of all you look happy. I think that's what counts. No point doing something that doesn't make one happy.

Can't wait for the gossipy update.

Cinders said...

You look amazing. Well done.

Charlotte Orr said...

Well done Kek!

Unknown said...

Kek, words fail to come that adequately express your awesomeness. You look freaking brilliant; massive congratulations to you for pulling it all together. I wish I could've been in that audience!

Cheryl said...

Kek, you look fantastic! Well done.
Cheryl :)xx

SeLiNa said...

I wee'd myself laughing at your comment that you look like you were made of chocolate!!!!!
You do look scarily different with all that stuff on! LoL - had I been there maybe I wouldn't have recognised you ;)

I've said it all before but - Congratulations again! You look GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Jadey said...

Kek, You are absolutely amazing. From where you started to where you are today has taken so much constant hard work and dedication.

Well done Hun!

ms_attitude said...

omigod you look so HOT! congratulations :-) you must be so (rightly) proud of what you have achieved. well done xx

Tara said...

Kerryn you looked sensational and should be so proud of yourself. What a big weekend doing 2 shows!! Thank you for sharing your photos, I have been hanging out to see how everyone else went.

Tara xx

Kimmy said...

Well done Kek - you look awesome - you should be so proud.Live with Passion - Kimmy

libby said...

Glad the comp went well for you. You look fantastic. I've enjoyed reading all about the lead up to your comp.


Anonymous said...

i was sooooo bloody impressed!

not only are you a totally foxy moron, you are bangin' hot and totally classy.

i'm so glad i came to see you and you can bet that hot arse of yours i'll be there at the next one!

booyah! xxx love kitty xxx

Cherub said...

You look amazing. Hard work pays off.

KatieP said...

Congratulations Miss Kerryn! You look feck'n amazing. You should be very proud of all your hard work.

Pip said...

WHOOHOO! Congrats BIG time Kek! You look awesome!!!

Shauna said...

me again... i love your big grin in these pics. not only buff but happy as larry too :)

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