Sunday, October 05, 2008

Day 2 begins

The INBAs was a great experience - I hate, hate, HATE the split show format though. We had to register at 10:00am and my division was scheduled to be onstage for prejudging at 2:45, and THEN we had to hang about to front up again at 9:00pm. That's a very long and tiring day! Especially when you've been awake since 5:30am.

So what did I do in between? Well, we went out for an afternoon snack, and I found a place that served breakfast till 4:00pm. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love breakfast! So I had 3 slices of raisin toast, with butter and jam plus a hot chocolate with marshmallows. Some real food went down very nicely. Then after a quick call from Coach, I got permission to pay a visit to Koko Black - yeah, Baby! So three delicious little treats were eaten. Those were very welcome after nothing but rice cakes with honey and bloody jelly snakes since 9:30am.

Then we still had about 3 hours to fill in till I needed to get ready for the show. It's just a bit too far to go home and come back again, so Bike Boy, Sara, Jase and I went to the movies. I thought about snuggling down in the comfy seat and grabbing a quick nap, but The Bank Job was pretty good and held my interest.

The routine round, which had been freaking me out for weeks, went well - on Friday night I wasn't confident I even knew the thing, so decided to run through it....and went completely blank. I seriously could NOT remember large chunks of it. Gah! Bike Boy got me to rehearse small sections at a time and I eventually felt as though I knew it. In the end, once I got onstage, I had no trouble with it - still could have performed it better, but I didn't stumble or forget anything. And it was a relief to discover that even international champion Karen Flaherty gets stage fright over the routine round.

The other competitors were fantastic, offering advice, lending each other things, and one lovely lady who had some hairdressing skills even did my hair for me. Sara was an awesome "backstage slapper", and did a fab job on my tan and makeup and with just generally preventing me from hyperventilating over every little thing.

We didn't stay till the end of the show, but got home late anyway and I was cooking myself a frittata/omelette thingie at 11:30pm! I was just hanging out for some real food; something savoury, with carbs and protein and most of all with some veggies!

It was lovely to finally meet Linda in the flesh yesterday - she trekked over to see the pre-judging and made a point of saying hello. We've "known" each other for a few years now, but have never managed to meet before, despite living in the same city. Unfortunately, I was in desperate need of food, so didn't get to chat to her for long. :o(

I'm leaving in a about half an hour to register for today's show, and I'm looking forward to doing it all again. Can't wait to see Miss Lizzy, who flew down from Brissie late last night after the INBA show up there. I'm also looking forward to catching up with Amanda, who's making the trip from Canberra this morning - we haven't clapped eyes on each other since Phat Camp in March and we've both shaped up quite a bit since then. :o)

There are lots of other people I hope to see today too - so if you're there and you spot me in the auditorium, please come and say hi!

Photos WILL be forthcoming, I promise!

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Stephanie Davis said...

Have fun Kek and congratulations! I bet it feels so great being able to show off all your hard work ;)

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