Monday, October 13, 2008

The difference two years can make

Top: Phat Camp, April 2006 (weight - around 52-53kg). Following the world's most boring diet, carb-depleted, and scrawny.

Bottom: Phat Camp, March 2008 (weight - around 57-58kg). Eating masses of good food, nice condition and definitely carrying more muscle. Lookie! I have shoulders!

Looks like my eat more and train your arse off strategy is working.


Pip said...

Looks good Kek, - I was at Phat Camp in 2006, - you were, 'wow, miss tiny and fit', - (thinking of my height and presence against you as well!) BUT going by the more recent photo, - is it me or do you look maybe a bit younger? You look great by the way!


Jadey said...

And funnily enough 2 years last and you look younger!

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