Saturday, October 18, 2008

Duck, drinking and DOMS

Last night's dinner was a lovely experiment - I had a pomegranate in the fridge and didn't quite know what to do with it till I came across a recipe for a warm duck salad. I didn't have any duck, but I figured it would go well with lamb. So I give you: warm LAMB salad with pomegranate and baby beetroot


Living on the edge of the Yarra Valley has its advantages. Tomorrow I'm off to tour the Open Cellars of Nillumbik. I've been to a few of these wineries, but sadly, there are several I drive past regularly and have never crossed the threshold. I should be really ought to support local businesses, after all.

I shan't be misbehaving - I volunteered to drive my sister and my mother, so they are free to drink as much as they like. I shall virtuously adopt the sip-and-spit approach.

Bike Boy is off to do the Around the Bay ride, and so is my brother in law, so we womenfolk need to keep ourselves occupied. :o) Actually, I'll be on my bike in the morning, getting in some training before I head off for some R & R. I'm not doing anything insane like 250km though. Maybe 20km.....


This week's training has involved several spin workouts, some mobility work and Amy Bento's Bootcamp. I've enjoyed being back in the groove, and the changes have been very welcome. I always love new workouts!

DOMS has been fairly rampant, which I don't really mind. I DO mind excruciating calf cramps that wake me from a deep sleep though.... I turned over in bed this morning and stretched my right leg out, only to start screaming in pain. It was THAT kind of cramp. Ugh!


Right, that's me updated. Now it's late and I'm off to bed. The rest of the filing and bookwork that I'm still ploughing through can wait.


Debstar said...

Sip & spit. What's that???? I only know the sip and sip and sip and.....

Are you getting enough magnesium? It could explain the cramps.

Jadey said...

Have you moved into your new house yet? I am a little bit lost.

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