Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flat out!

Gah! I'd like more time for blogging, but I'm barely finding enough hours for sleeping at the moment. Here's where I'm at:

Training - all good. I'm adjusting to the different pace and torturing my thoracic region with lots of mobilisation work. Ouch! I've not trained at the gym once since my comp, it's all been at-home training. Go, the spin bike! :o) Oh wait - I did do ONE tready workout last week....

Nutrition - after a bumpy couple of weeks, I'm travelling just fine. Weight spiked in a BIG way, which was totally expected, due to the amounts of chocolate, ice cream, wine and toast that I was shovelling into my gob. The stress levels have dropped quite a bit, I've adjusted my attitude to maximum Total Badass setting, and these past 4 days have seen a Wow! Look at that! drop of 2.3kg on the scales. Much better....

Everything else - the house is moving along FAST, and we should have our handover in just over two weeks. We hope. Number One Son turns 21 on Monday and I have a party to organise. Better do something about that.... Cup Week is looming and I actually have my outfit organised for the Oaks. AND, after a killer attack of PMS on Sunday/Monday (something that rarely bothers me), my sanity has returned and I'm no longer homicidal. Much to the relief of my family.

That's me updated - now I have to get one child to school, one to the orthodontist, go pay the rent (for the last time, I hope!) and get myself to the office. Last day till after Cup Week - I start leave today. Whoopee!!


Debstar said...

And now I need the lie down.
Hope all goes well for No 1 son.

Here's another question for you.
How's your snozz going. You haven't talked about any nose problems for quite some time.

Em said...

Hi there,
I think I am catching up on your blog, lots has happened you must be tired LOL

you must be bouncing off the walls knowing your house is almost done :)

Have a fantastic start to your leave I hope it goes by slowly for you so you can enjoy it :)


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