Friday, October 03, 2008

Harsh sentence

It dawned on me yesterday as I was writing the date on something that it was exactly 29 years to the day since Bike Boy and I first clapped eyes on each other.

I pointed out this momentous milestone to him last night, and his reply? Gee, if I'd murdered you, I'd be out by now.

The old romantic!


Tara said...

lol @ his comment kek!

I hope that you have a fantastic time tomorrow at ur comp. Wanted to send heaps of good luck vibes ur way. Can't wait to see pics :o)

Good luck xxxx

Ronnie said...

why do men insist on using this line. HAHA.

Good luck this weekend. I wait with anticipation to hear how you went.

RaeC said...

Good luck!! xxx

Cinders said...

Good luck today Kek - I hope you have a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

I was working it out that on 6th October it will be exactly 41 years since I first went out with my husband- guess that's like 2 life sentences!!!
You looked fabulous at the comp- and it was really nice talking to you xx

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