Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I busted my arse and all I got was this lousy trophy

I'm's a pretty nice trophy!

I also got a tub of instant oats with whey in apple-cinnamon flavour (keep forgetting to try those!) and a heeooooge t-shirt. It might fit Bike Boy.....

The ANB provided a pretty nice t-shirt, plus sample bags with a few goodies. And I got a medal. Now all I need is a chest to pin it on.



ss2306 said...

Not fair! Your trophy's bigger than mine - boo hoo!

You should be very proud of yourself just as I am proud to have met and know you.

Anonymous said...

congrats kerryn you rock.

i have a chest you can pin it on but you better hurry cause i'm back in the zone - the chesticles will be the first thing to gooooooo.


Kek said...

Shelley, awww... *sniff* Ditto to you, girl!

Kitty, I may not have heeeoooge boobs, but at least my biceps are more impressive than the shiny gold trophy chick's. :D

Magda said...

Kek my comment is for the before/after pics below. FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!

:-) Magda

Unknown said...

Very noice!

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