Thursday, October 09, 2008

Next on the crazy woman's agenda:

I'm more than happy with how I shaped up for my first attempt at competing. I was satisfied with my overall condition - I did NOT want to be one of those women who over-diets and looks all scrawny and stringy. Ugh. I also did not want to be the one with the big fat butt and thighs, about whom everyone in the audience is whispering "Tsk. She shouldn't be up there". Luckily my prep was spot-on and I came up OK. Actually, there was no luck about it - Coach knows what she's doing, and I followed instructions; that's all there is to it.

As expected, I had some droop happening around my rear (HATED doing the rear poses for that reason!), but I'm confident I can improve that with another 12 months of hard work. Some extra muscle ought to give me some lift....

I also have a physiological issue with flared ribs, which I can do very little about. A bit of muscle added to my abs and maybe some tricks with posing might disguise it a bit, but I suspect I'm always going to lose points for looking too "ribby". I'm always being accused of "sucking my gut in" but I'm absolutely not - it's just the way my skeleton is made, so critics: get over it.

The thing that probably let me down the most was my posing. I had only one lesson with
Jo Rogers, and she did her best with me, but there's only so much you can do in one lesson. I practised my arse off, but I had nobody here to help me - I know no competitors who live nearby, and there isn't a posing coach within a reasonable distance (that I'm aware of), who I'd trust to help me. My stiff shoulders and almost fused thoracic spine make it difficult for me to contort my upper body into the required position for the symmetry round. My crooked hips also made it hard for me to judge whether I was standing straight or not - I mostly wasn't.

I'm not disappointed, and I'm not being hard on myself. I'm just assessing my performance as objectively as I can, and figuring out what needs more work. It's all fixable, or at least able to be improved on to some degree.

Onto my new goals. These are the things I'll be concentrating on:

1. Rehab my shoulder issues. I have some mobilisation work to do, rotator cuff strengthening, and I'm backing off the chest training for a bit, since my pecs are tighter than a ....really tight thing. It's not exciting, there are no big weights involved, and I'll look like a retard doing it at the gym with 1-2kg DBs. But that's what's required, so I'll be taking a big dose of Suck It Up Princess and getting on with it.

2. Put some size on my hamstrings, and stre-e-e-e-etch them. They vewwy, vewwy tight!! Also add more size to my glutes. Those, I've improved a lot already, thanks to
Liz's nasty lower body training, but there's more to be done. I'm going to be bootylicious, Baby!

3. Pick a fun run and a bike ride and train for them. Still thinking about these – at the moment I'm leaning towards the
Sussan run in December, but it might end up being early in the New Year before I get on my bike. I have to practice those gear changes, and I'd like to get me some proper shoes and clips. Perhaps Amy's Ride..... And Selina, I do NOT swim (unless it’s with my head above water and a cocktail in one hand), so I definitely won't be doing a triathlon.

4. Do a LOT of work on my posing. I need to pop my shoulders up and my lats way, way out in the symmetry round. My rear double bicep pose needs work too. Gah! There’s so much to work on there, let’s just move along…. The shoulder stuff (see #1 above) should help a lot with posing anyway. Also, I'll grab any opportunity I can to get some professional help.

5. Stretch more in general. Muscles are not meant to impersonate steel bands.

6. Gear up in June/July to begin prep for another September or October comp. This time I want seriously scary ab definition, and a tighter bottom half, so I'll probably need to be a little bit leaner. With more muscle, that ought to work out just fine. Note to self: There is no trophy for "Most Emaciated".

That should keep me busy! Oh, and along the way, I'll be moving house, setting up my personal training studio and working on taking the business in some new directions. I might have time to breathe around November 2009.


Right now, I'm madly working to catch up on a backlog of emails and programs - I'm getting through them and expect to be all up to date by tomorrow, guys, so don't panic if you're still waiting to hear from me....


Anonymous said...

you know, i'm a total poser! all my haters tell me so all the time!! i could totally come over and pose my backside off, busting out my first best knicker shot moves. would that be helpful?


when i move, i'll be uncomfortably close to you kekerooney. in fact, i might just see the inside of your personal training studio...

Kek said...

Uncomfortable for whom? Do I sound worried...?

Kathryn said...

Wow that's a super busy schedule! I think more stretch is on everyone's to do list isn't it... well unless you are mad into yoga.

Unknown said...

phew! I feel exhausted just reading all your goals!. If you read my blog you will see that I've just decided to do a 12 week challenge- that in itself was a MAJOR decision! All the best Kerryn- I know you'll achieve what you set out to do- you've got the runs on the board. If you ever have a free moment and would like to meet for a coffee or something- just let me know via here or email. We don't live all that far apart.

Stephanie Davis said...

Kek I just want to tell you that i think you are awesome :) your posts are down to earth and crack me up and I like your whole attitude when it comes to clean eating, balance and competing. Hope you have a great year ahead of you and achieve all of your goals.

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