Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A not-post

I'm just grabbing a few seconds to not update my blog. Which really makes no sense...

I'm sleep-deprived, overworked and seriously struggling and I prefer not to blog when life gets like this. I hate whiney posts, and I'm not about to indulge in a big old fun-suck. I can't even stand myself, so I'm not about to inflict my sucky outlook on the internet. Let my poor family suffer alone. :o)

I'll be back when I catch up on some sleep and my attitude turns around. Let's hope that's sooner rather than later.


LizN said...

well know that I'm with you sister. I'm going to have virtual coffee and Koko black with you ASAP

ss2306 said...

I just commented to Liz that sometimes I wish I was my cat who is able to lie around and sleep during the day, play outside in the sun, and eat only when hungry!!

Take good care of yourself Kek, just as you have taken such good care of others.

Luv Shelley

Magda said...

Hey Kek,

hang in there. The tide will turn and you'll be entertaining us all with your witty posts again soon.



Charlotte Orr said...

Sleep deprived and overworked - that makes two of us. Ah, the benefits of being self-employed, LOL. Hope things ease up for you soon.

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