Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oops! Where did that ball go?

The past week has been a mix of a couple of good days, a couple of OK days .....and then there are the days I'd just prefer to forget. I seem to have had this Jekyll/Hyde thing going on when it comes to food. And just a smidge with training too.

Yesterday was a new low. I mean, toast for lunch and chocolate and cookies for snacks? What kind of insanity is THAT? Breakfast and dinner were the only redeeming meals of the day - and dinner was only a good choice because I didn't choose it, I left it up to Bike Boy.

My biggest issue seems to be exhaustion. I just cannot shake this extreme tiredness - and it's not just physical. My brain is tired too. I can't figure it out. Sure, there's a lot going on right now, but what's new about that? It's messing with my head and seriously disrupting my eating plans too.

So, I've decided to quit trying to work out the why and just get on with things. Sometimes thinking just makes everything more complicated and you can analyse a situation to death, tie yourself in knots over it worrying, getting all anxious and guilt-laden, and STILL be no better off.

My main priority at the moment is sleep: lovely, lovely sleep. Last night, I managed an uninterrupted seven-and a half hours (...bliss). I got out of bed at 6:30 with a new just get it done attitude, ate my standard brekky of oats and vanilla whey and headed off to train a client outdoors. Today we were training over at Westerfolds Park, which I love - there's plenty of play equipment, benches and the like to use, plus the scenery is breathtaking. And if you're lucky, you might glimpse a roo or two.

I was finished by 9:00am, and took advantage of being outdoors to get my run out of the way before it warmed up. It was great to be running somewhere different. I only got distracted once by the view - I had to stop to check out the 'rapids', which were a little disappointing. With Melbourne's current level of rainfall, the old Yarra isn't all that rapid. :o( Anyway, it was a good run - apart from the one bit I walked, because a mountain goat, I am NOT. That hill leading up to the old manor house is a DOOZY.

So, training is done, food is organised for most of the day and I'm feeling..... well, a lot better. I plan to do a little work, some cleaning up around here, go check on the painter over at our house, and maybe squeeze in a nap. Then I think a walk before dinner.....

Balance is a funny thing - you may achieve it for a while, but everyone goes through times when one or more things get a bit off-kilter. Competition prep invariably means dedicating a LOT of time and attention to food and training, so other things in your life have to take a secondary position. That's a conscious choice that competitive athletes make, at least if they're really serious. But once the comp is over, things have to be adjusted - and it takes some time to do that.

It's natural to have nutrition and/or training slip to second, third (or last) place on your priority list for a while, while you dedicate more time to family, social activities or even neglected housework. But at some point you have to pull it back into line and find your balance again. It's kind of like a juggling act. You can drop one or two balls for a while, but eventually you have to get them all back into play, otherwise you're not really juggling, are you? Tossing one or two balls around haphazardly is something else entirely.

Today, my nutrition ball is staying up in the air.

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ss2306 said...

I'm sure you'll get back to balance very soon Kerryn. Just remember to be kind to yourself along the way.

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