Friday, October 31, 2008

Too good to be true?

Being a total attention whore*, I emailed a couple of comp photos and a brief message to the office staff magazine, asking if they'd be interested in a sports story with a difference for one of their lightweight "look what our people are up to" stories. They were - one of the writers rang to interview me a few days later.

When I arrived at work on Monday, I noticed a few sideways glances and kind of sizing-up looks and checked to see if I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe or something. Then I remembered...oh yeah. Monday is the day the staff mag gets emailed to all 29,000-odd staff. I actually got a lot of positive comments and curious questions, plus a number of emails, mostly from people I've never met, and all along the lines of "wow - congratulations, well done".

I also got a lot of puzzled looks and "where have you been hiding those muscles?" kind of questions. Just shows that most people can't see what's in front of their noses....


Today, Bike Boy was approached by someone in his area - yes, we work for the same stodgey government department, just different locations - who asked "is that your wife in the magazine this week?" He replied that yes, it was. (This is the point where I informed him that the correct response would have been "Yes, that's my totally HOT wife" :p) So this guy, who goes to the gym regularly and has ambitions of getting huge, starts asking questions. Guess what the first one was?

Does she take supplements? *sigh* The usual quest for the magic pill.... Bike Boy replies in the affirmative and adds: fish oil and vitamin C. Huh. Not the answer he was looking for, I bet. Where's the creatine stack, the bucket of mega-mass-gainer, the nitric oxide, the fat-burners? LOL.

Next question: How often does she train? Reply: 6 days a week.
So, for how many hours a day? Bike Boy must have been having trouble hiding his smirk by now as he tells the guy: An hour, sometimes less.

I wonder if he even believed any of it? It does sound too good to be true. At least, if you get your training and nutritional advice from the blokey bodybuilding mags anyway. Might have given him cause to go back and take a look at his nutrition and training though.

.....Nah, probably not.


*The real reason I did the story was to show people that even if you're a fat, unfit public servant who's never exercised in your life, it really is never too late to change.


Debstar said...

I do hope Bike Boy recommended some online training with you at the very least.

Unknown said...

Good on ya Kek- with your results I'd want to share them with the world! hehe!

SeLiNa said...

You whore you!
Good on you, if you can even motivate one person to do something good, mission accomplished :)

Kelly Olexa said...

That is awesome!! Don't you love silencing the haters??
;-) You rock.

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