Friday, October 03, 2008

The vampire-slayer approach

Hey! Yes, you!

You there, the all-or-nothing type, sitting there eating Tim Tams because you're having a Bad Day. You slept in, missed your workout, then the scales showed a GAIN of 500g, and then the traffic was bad and you were late for work and your day's all gone to hell, and then someone at the office waved the choc biscuits under your nose. *sigh* So you may as well write the whole damn day off and start over tomorrow. Or Monday.

Skwigg posted a totally awesome piece today - you need to read this!


ms_attitude said...

Great Post.

HEY - GOOD LUCK for the weekend! I can't wait to see the piccies! Hope you have a fabulous time - you are looking great :-)

AlleyCat Runs said...

All the Very best for the Weekend!!! Knock em dead. YOur bikini looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shauna said...


I just wanted to wish you oodles and oodles of good luck... you have worked so hard and i'm sure you are going to be FAB! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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