Thursday, October 02, 2008

What was that about balance???

I think I underestimated how busy I was going to be this week. Oops. I did put most of my one-on-one clients on hold (I have one tonight, but she's a special case), but I somehow agreed to take on 4 new onliners, 3 of whom want to start next Monday. That's 3 programs to write, in between my usual work, my training, eating, tanning, practising posing and routine, organising last-minute stuff and generally obsessing over the whole comp thing. Uh....

So I was up answering emails at 6:15am, and this afternoon it'll be head down, bum up while I get the rest of my programs done. If I need to work tomorrow, I will, but I was hoping for a lovely stress-free day off... Oh well. I should take my own advice and learn to say no. LOL.

I'm off to the gym in a tick for my last weights session - a whole-body workout, which should be fun. I also plan to run through my routine while I'm there. Then I have a hair appointment, some business at the post office, a few supplies to pick up at the supermarket, and back home to do some more work before Sara and Jase arrive here this afternoon.

Tonight it's an early dinner before heading out to train my client, then back home for my first coat of Contest Colour.

Reminds me - better make up the bed with the black sheets and put those black towels in the bathroom. And find some black clothes to wear.....


KatieP said...

Hey Kerryn
I had a dream about you last night. I was helping you to leg raises on a bench (why? I have no idea) and I put my hand on your hip to reposition you and because you were so tiny you fell off the bench LOL
Weird and hilarious at the same time. Especially if people falling off things makes you laugh!

Ronnie said...

Kerryn, I'm excited in anticipation.



Unknown said...

OOOh! Contest colour! I can't wait to see it!! And how are you having your hair for the comp??

Stephanie Davis said...

time to get DARK Kek, how exciting!!!!
i agree, slow down as much as you can and make the most of this final week of prep!!

Kek said...

Katie, that IS hilarious. I still haven't had a single dream - couldn't sleep past 5:30 this morning though.

Ronnie, sure is getting exciting. :o)

Ashley, hair will be kind of wash/blow dry and hope for the best. I'm completely crap at hair. At least it's cut and coloured now.

Steph - LOL. Going out tomorrow should be fun, just enjoying all the funny looks I'm going to get.

Anonymous said...

i e-sent tara 50 kitty licks so i shall send you 51 cause you is a melbourne chick like meeeeeeeeeeee

can't wait till sunday. i am going to wear a table cloth cause i am so feckin fat it is untrue.

you will spot me easily, i will be the fat midget wearing a table cloth.


Unknown said...

Good Luck Kerryn- I'm feeling excited for you!!

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