Monday, November 17, 2008

All sweetness and light, tra-la

I'm fed up with being crabby, so I'm making a determined effort to NOT be. At least for today. My children will be very relieved.

I had a shocking night's sleep, and didn't appreciate being woken by my 15-year-old clattering in the kitchen at 6:15am. Did I yell? Nope...just had an extra shot of caffeine.

The construction manager got held up and didn't show for our meeting. The meeting that I'd ORGANISED TIME OFF WORK ESPECIALLY TO ATTEND. Did I get grouchy? Nuh-uh. I just decided that was a good excuse to take the entire day off from work - I can go meet him when he finally gets there later, meanwhile I get to do stuff around the house that I'd otherwise be rushing through later tonight, and I might even manage a nana nap too.

How's that for putting a positive spin on things?


Kelly Olexa said...

I love caffeine. I love caffeine. I love caffeine.

ms_attitude said...

Oooh, one other thing to add to the list re the Colourbond Ironstone...
now..being responsible in my role for marketing communications..for COLORBOND... we take issue when people spell our brand incorrectly - because then they can easily pass off 'inferior' imported painted steel as the same thing - they get around it by the misspelling, saying, it's a generic term! eeeeeek!
go girl :-)

Magda said...

Good work on making the best out of a bad situation Kek. The day off work sounds divine!!


ss2306 said...

I can't believe the shit you're dealing with at the moment and the fact that you haven't been commited or commited yourself to the looney bin.

I think you're doing great to be managing as well as you are even though at times you might not think you are.

Hang in there. One day you might just look back and laugh at all this. You can live in hope anyway can't you?

Hope it all gets sorted soon. Thinking of you each and every day.

Jehanne said...

hahaha - yeh good on ya - look for that silver lining

Unknown said...

I picture you tripping around with your halo firmly on your head and a magic wand in the other- painting everything with your positive and generous spirit!!!!!

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