Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another boring house post

Things are moving. I've been over at the house annoying the electrician, following the plasterer around and inspecting, photographing and documenting various things that are not quite right. I've also emailed the builder re some mostly minor faults, emailed again to dispute the pricing of one item (got an immediate phone call and actually won on that one!) and emailed again about some discrepancies between what's specified in our contract and what's actually been provided. You can't put one over on a couple of people who've spent most of their working lives dealing with contracts and interpreting legislation.... we both speak pretty fluent Legalese.

Oh, and I disputed another small pricing thing. We'll see what response I get tomorrow on those last couple of things....

I had a phone call from the carpet guy while I was at the gym, and it seems they now can't lay our carpet till the 11th of December. After an initial hissy fit, and a phone call to Bike Boy, I calmed down, created a calendar spreadsheet and worked out exactly what needs to be done when. And you know what? It just might work....

We still need to meet the floorboard installation guy and get some quotes on concreting our driveway, but those things are underway. Then I have to deal with gas, water and power companies - but I'm leaving Bike Boy to do battle with Telstra because generally, they make me want to scream bad words very loudly and hang up on them.

Now we're busy crunching numbers to see how the cash flow is looking and what we can afford to do before all the contractors close down for the Christmas break.

On top of all that, I got my training done, trained a client, went to the supermarket (twice), dropped off and picked up kids, filled the car with petrol (for the bargain price of $1.18) trekked over to the very inconveniently located uniform shop and bought new school pants for one child, picked up dry cleaning and took care of some paperwork at the bank. In between, I also made inroads into my email backlog, but thanks to all the house stuff, I'm way behind and need to get back to it now.

When I'm finished, I'll be donning my reading glasses, grabbing my pencil and notepad and going through the building contract AGAIN. Just in case there are any more $$ in there that I can claw back. Hey, I'm on a ROLL.

Early night? I think not....


Kitty said...

i'm very disappointed on your behalf kek. wavey davey used to work at porter davis and when we built ours, it was seamless. he left just after we finished building cause his boss was a horror.

anyway, i did mention your plight to him and he said that every now and then, there would be a 'difficult build' where everything seemed to just go wrong.

i hope you get into the house asap. if it is any consolation, your house pictures are beautiful and i can tell you right now that the porter davis house is byfar better than the rest!

Kek said...

We're ALLEGEDLY getting the keys on the 28th. I'll believe it when they're actually in my hands.

As for stuff going worng, that's because 75% of the tradies are cretins. And the site "supervisor" we had for most of the time was worse than useless. Once it's all over, I may list every single thing that went wrong. It'll be the world's longest post...

Cherub said...

What will you do with all your 'free' time when this is over, sit down and admire I hope.

I hate Telstra too, somehow we ended up back with them on a 2 year deal. My blood boils just to think about them.

ms_attitude said...

Fingers & toes crossed that all goes well for a smooth handover on the 28th!!!!

Renovating our bathroom is bad enough!!

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