Friday, November 28, 2008

Cross your fingers for me - PLEASE

We have our final house inspection booked for 1:30pm today. As of last night, there is still a LOT to be done before we'll be prepared to hand over a big chunk of money.

I said to Bike Boy last night that building this place has been like a long and very painful labour. Now I'm hoping that: a) what we've given birth to will actually seem worth the torture; and b) moving in will be very quickly followed by a post-natal euphoric fog of amnesia about just how HORRIBLE it actually was.

Let's hope.

First though, there's going to have be some minor construction miracles performed in the next few hours.

So, fingers crossed, please. If it doesn't happen, you will probably hear the sound of my head exploding. And as Bike Boy said last night, it's a very good thing that guns are illegal in this country.....


I've been trying to exorcise some of the stress, anger and misery by writing about our nasty home-building adventure. So as not to bore the bejeesus out of everyone who couldn't give a proverbial rat's anyway, I started a separate blog. I'm still only part way through the story and I've glossed over a lot of the stuff-ups, or I'd be writing for the next 5 years.

Anyways, if you're wondering why we've found it such a miserable experience, some of the answers are over here. And more photos. :o)

Now I'm going to have a shower, get dressed and go down to the bank to scare the staff there.


Unknown said...

I have EVERYTHING crossed - I'm actually typing this with my tongue. ^_^

I remember how stressful it was for us whenwe were getting our house built, and knowing what it was like, I don't envy you a bit! (how's that for comforting?)

Raechelle said...

Good luck Kek! Crossing fingers for you-just remember to keep breathing!!!!!
OH-PS...I've put a link to your fabulous food site on my blog-Hope that's ok!
Take Care!

Shauna said...

eeeek! Thinking of you, kek!!!

Kathryn said...

Good luck. I'm sure when you are moved in and have a lovely new home, it'll be worth all the effort.

ms_attitude said...

Oh GOOD LUCK! Hope it all is just damn perfect for you :-)

little rene said...

OMG Kek! I have just read your other blog and I am in SHOCK about just how much these d#&khead tradies have manged to stuff up on your house! How do these idiots run businesses?

You poor thing. I don't know how you have managed to stay as sane as you have.

I hope it is over soon xxx

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