Sunday, November 09, 2008


I did think when I added that countdown thingie to my blog, re the house completion, that perhaps I was tempting fate. Aaaand, you guessed it: progress these last couple of weeks has pretty much ground to a halt.

According to our revised building program, which it took a major dummy-spit back in September to extract from the builder, we should be getting the keys this week. Yeah, sure. And I believe in the tooth fairy.

Let's see....where are we at?

The painting is still unfinished, thanks to plaster having had to be repaired and re-finished for the fourth (or was it the fifth?) time. The painter buggered off to work on another house, since he was fed up with repainting the same walls two, three and even four times. I don't blame him.

There's been no sign of the renderer, who was supposed to apply the colour finish two or three weeks ago. I give you the evidence of his non-appearance:

I'm quite sure we didn't order pale grey render....

The caulking guy turned up, did a half-arsed job and disappeared again. Hello? We have 10-12mm gaps under our timber windows. And I have no idea what else he missed inside the house, since I can't get in to check.

The plumber came to do the fit-off, installed most of the heating and cooling vents, the taps and toilets and then buggered off. We have no heating or cooling in the lounge, there's no sign of the heating vent in the laundry that we paid extra $$ for, and our gas heater so far has no flue. Water is obviously connected, because the porta-loo was taken away last week.

The electrician, who should have been finished two weeks ago, has apparently lost the site address and is wandering in the wilderness somewhere. There's not a power point, light fitting or anything else vaguely electrical to be found.

The garage interior is still unfinished. Some work in there that WAS done earlier looks like the Year 7 woodwork class kids did it. Without the teacher's supervision.

The portico beam has been rendered. Very neatly too. There's just one teensy problem - it's supposed to be PAINTED, not rendered, according to my colour selections and according the plan....but then, we haven't had a single tradie so far who can actually read a plan anyway, so why am I surprised?

There is so much more that's unfinished or done badly, but I'm depressing myself even further just thinking about it...

I'm clinging to the thought that we might be moved in by Christmas, but I'm not getting my hopes up. It would be nice to think we could be spending our summer holidays relaxing in our al fresco room with the barbecue sizzling and a cold drink in hand...

I wonder why I drowned my sorrows in a large quantity of wine last night? Of course it didn't help, only gave me a hangover this morning. D'oh!

Anyway, cross your fingers for us - we expect a response tomorrow to the very terse email we sent on Friday night. Let's hope that gets things moving again.


Unknown said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you kerryn. Everytime I hear of someone building there seem to be hold ups so I guess that's comforting ( sort of) that you're not alone. Just keep focussed on how good it will be when you finally get the keys!!

Debstar said...

When it's all finished and dusted make sure you publish the builders name so that everyone knows who not to go to.
I'd give you a big hug but I'm a little frightened you might slap me down out of sheer frustration.

Kek said...

Linda, these are way more than the usual hold-ups. I only wish...

And Deb, I'd never slap you. :o)

I just want it FINISHED. Gah!

Unknown said...

Hang in there Kek. Maybe, in many years time, you'll be able to laugh about it.

I hope your email has put a fire under their butts.

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