Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm not hiding

.....just having a very ordinary time at the moment and I reeeeeally prefer not to bang on about it here, because - who wants to listen to my whining anyway? Not even me, to be honest. So I haven't been blogging and haven't even been posting on my fitness forums.

I'm following the advice that all our mothers gave us: If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all. Big hugs and kisses to those who emailed or PM-ed or left me Facebook messages recently; I appreciate it, and I am still alive.

There may be some news to report tomorrow. Or possibly not. I'm not laying money on it at this stage.

Anyway, busy. Gotta run.


Debstar said...

I thought that maybe you were too scared to touch the keyboard in case you ended up banging your head on it until you became unconscious.

Hang in there Kek. You know it gets worse, Xmas shopping is next.

Kelly Olexa said...

Hey Sweetie!! Thinking of ya!! I can relate ~ I feel like I've been totally out of it, in all aspects the past couple of weeks. and I too, have been following that "don't say anything" advice...lots of family drama!! Oh well!! taking that high road!!


Cherub said...

Missed your posts. I've no doubt you will be back firing on all cylinders soon.

Kek said...

Gee Deb, thanks for the reminder - BUT ...I've actually done most of my shopping already. :o)

Kelly, keeping your trap shut is always a good strategy. Hope your dramas disappear soon.

Claire, I know you're right - I keep reminding myself of that.

Next week is sure to be a whole other story.

Thanks for the lurve! XX

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