Monday, November 10, 2008

In my kitchen, I can't live without....

Tefal Jamie Oliver non-stick pan. This was a surprise purchase that Bike Boy brought home one day, and now I ask myself: how did I get through life without this for so long? It heats perfectly evenly, it has an oven-proof handle, and nothing, absolutely NOTHING sticks to it. I use it to cook meat, fish and chicken, make omelettes and scrambled eggs, and of course, my chocolate souffle omelettes.

George Foreman Grill. We love our "George"! It's the fastest way I know to cook meat, since it does both sides at once. And since any fat runs off, and it's easy-peasy to clean, it gets my vote. The best thing is, I can cook up umpteen chicken breast portions in the same time it takes to cook one I have supplies in the fridge, all ready to go for quick meals.

Digital scales. These were a cheap buy from Big W - they cost me thirty-something dollars and they've been invaluable. When I'm testing out a new recipe, I can use the z-total function to weigh each ingredient separately as I add it....saves me heaps of time. And maths.

Measuring cups and spoons. I have two sets of these, just the standard plastic ones from the supermarket. I've learned from experience that guesstimating simply doesn't work - somehow "portion creep" always happens over time and then you start to wonder why the bathroom scales aren't moving downwards...

Food processor. I bought a Sunbeam Oskar about a hundred years ago, and it gets a regular workout. It's perfect for blending up smooth pancakes mixes, making oat "flour", curry pastes, pureeing soups, and a billion other things. I have a blender too, but Oskar beats the pants off it, except when it comes to making super-duper shakes.

Citrus zester. This inexpensive little gadget is one of my favourites. I add lime or lemon zest to lots of recipes, and cutting the rind off, then removing the pith, then slicing it finely is for the birds!

A really good set of knives. I put up with crappy knives for years, but nothing beats a perfectly balanced, German forged steel kitchen knife with a blade you can sharpen over and over and get a really good edge on. I need to add to my collection (a decent bread knife and a smaller cook's knife would be handy), but the large cook's knife is my favourite and most-used.

My husband. He cooks. Really well.

What can't you live without in the kitchen?


Anonymous said...

my bottle of chardy parked in the fridge and my nikon camera to take gratuitous knicker shots!!!!


ss2306 said...

I'm with you on the measuring spoons and digital scales.

I do love my water jug which sits on the bench and reminds me to keep drinking all day long.

And my kitchen wouldn't be complete without all my plastic mixing bowls which are essential for cooking oats.

Oh and my microwave stacker cooker for vege cooking.

Raechelle said...

My iron wok...thanks for the tips though on the pan and knives!

Debstar said...

The telephone so that I can make a quick call for take-away food.
Only joking!!!
I do like the dishwasher.

Magda said...

hHey Kek,

I finally made your Thai fishcakes and they were DELISH!!!! WH thought they were great too and he is fussy about his fishcakes. They'll be on the menu again in our household.



AlleyCat Runs said...

*big chopping board
*decent knife (currently into global)
*gas appliances (oven/cooktop/BBQ with lid)
*good non stick pots & pans (loving swiss diamond - special birthday present last year)
*Mortar & pestal
*Microwave - use it every day, but trying to cut down!
*Red wine

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