Monday, November 10, 2008

Not getting excited YET

Seems Bike Boy's email to the head honcho at Porter Davis must have started a chain of butt-kicking, because he's had multiple phone calls today from our site supervisor, construction manager AND one from the Big Cohuna himself this morning.

And, lo! On my way home, I called past the house and the electrician has been a busy bee...we have electrical flex hanging from walls and ceilings, outdoor floodlights and weatherproof power points, a ceiling fan in our al fresco room, phone cables snaking out of walls and more. There's also some plaster repairs been done and a few other bits and bobs.

We have a date for our pre-completion inspection next week and the handover is scheduled for the week after. I'm VERY nervously handing in our notice of intention to vacate to the real estate agent tomorrow, since we're required to give 28 days' notice. Nervously, because if Porter Davis fail to deliver this time, we're in big trouble, since the Residential Tenancies Act provides for fines if we fail to vacate on time.

If all goes well, we'll have two weeks leeway to get carpets and floorboards down, move all our crap across and then thoroughly clean this place, including getting the carpets professionally cleaned.

If not, we may be looking for a spare room to rent. Anyone?


I just want this to be OVER, so I can get back to normal life. You know, obsessing about training and food, the usual stuff...

I also want my computer to play nice. I can't get my email to work at ALL. I'm doing my best to fix it, but I'm pretty useless at this stuff and my tech support is in Sydney. Really, what good is he there? I even have to cook for myself. Tsk!


MTB Girl said...

I've got 2 spare rooms, but it is a bit of a commute, and we're having our own house dramas at the moment....

Kek said...

Hmm, I could see the school run being more stressful than usual. Canberra to Melbourne ....I think not. But thanks anyway.

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