Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Positions vacant

Wanted: Large crew of people with good appetite and no concerns about the health implications of eating lots of sugar, cream, etc.

Mission: To remove all traces of cheesecake, trifle, cherry flan and other party leftovers from my fridge.

Or.... I could just toss it all in the bin.

Guess what I'll be doing when I get back from the gym?


ss2306 said...

Oh my God! Do you feel like you are in heaven?

Here's what I'd do. Since I can't bear the thought of throwing out good food I'd:

1. Either feed it to the rest of the family, friends, work colleagues.

2. Each day pretend I'm at a restaurant and can only pick one thing dessert off the menu. And then I'd enjoy every single morsel.

3. If none of the above suit go back to your original plan and throw it in the bin, unless of course you have a dog.

Hope the party went well and you enjoyed a few wines.

Debstar said...

Noooo! I hate waste. Take it to work & let your workmates go to town on it. You might score a few brownie points with your workmates.

Kek said...

Good plan Deb, ande xactly what I normally do - except not this time. I won't be at work till next Monday.

Shelley, the kids are polishing off the chocolate cake, and Bike Boy has helped out with the cheesecake, but nobody else likes trifle. Or pav. Actually, I don't like pav, so that one's safe...

Most of it is just about to go in the bin.

SeLiNa said...

NOoooooooo......... I'll fly down for afternoon tea?!?!? ;)

Kek said...

Too late ....tis gone!

Wow, THAT was a test of strength, bugger doing 90-degree arm hangs or push-up tests!

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