Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quiet week ahead.

Hormones - you know what? You can just piss right OFF. I've had it! My boobs feel like they might actually explode, like some kind of secret weapon in a weird Manga-style James Bond movie (and yes, Bike Boy is still enjoying the benefits...).

I wonder: is it actually hormones? Or stress? Or just fluid madness from too many carbs? Hmm....

My desk calendar is currently flipped to this: Ask me about a fabulous career in bitching. 'Nuff said?

On the house front, I have an appointment with the construction manager tomorrow morning at 10:00am. Which means I have to go into work late. Gee, shame..... Bike Boy is off to Sydney at stupid o'clock, so it's all up to me....

We've put together a short list of 70 items that are not up to scratch. Should be a fun meeting.

***********'s the rest of the purple:

The beam across the front of the portico is not SUPPOSED to be purple, it's meant to be in Colourbond Ironstone....but that's one of my items for "discussion".


My week is looking mega-crazy. I have clients, builder appointments, a billion phone calls to make re power and gas and water connections, a visit to the real estate agent to give notice on our current home, calls to the fencing contractor - who managed to line the fence up to the WRONG PEG AND CUT 2.5 METRES OFF OUR PROPERTY (is everybody actually an idiot???), a meeting with a guy to give us a quote on laying floorboards, and OH LORD, SO MUCH MORE.... I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

The washing machine is demanding my attention now, so I have to go....

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