Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, and all is well

I woke up at 5:30am today - didn't have to get up till 7:00, so that thrilled me - with a massive headache like a steel band around my skull. Ah, November - month of allergies and sinus troubles.

BUT - I found the cure: a nice sweaty weights session at the gym! Seriously, it was like a miracle.


Today I got confirmation in writing of our handover date on Friday the 28th, and the invoice for the final progress payment, which I'm about to go drop off at the bank. I also have the floorboard guy booked for the following Monday, the concreter can do our driveway the same week, and then the carpet goes in on the 11th. We will be moving on the 12th and not a second later.

This process HAS to run smoothly - I gave notice to the rental managing agent today and as of the 16th, we will have nowhere else to live...

I'm thinking positive thoughts.


It just occurred to me that we have to now make this place presentable for prospective tenants to look through in the final two weeks. While we're packing. Um.

Oh well, it's only temporary.

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Jadey said...

Woohooo Im glad to see everything is finally happening.

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