Friday, November 07, 2008

The winning post

Life is extremely challenging at the moment. After a year and a half of almost constant stress, our house is STILL not finished. We can't give notice to quit our rented temporary home, can't arrange for utilities to be connected and basically can't get on with our lives until we have a definite completion date. Which seems to be an impossible task for our builder to comply with. I had arranged for the carpet guy to show up to do the measure and quote thing today, since we were assured by the builder that there would be someone there to let him in. There isn't.

With all this uncertainty, disappointment, frustration and unplanned financial cost, it's no surprise that in our household, sleep is lacking, tempers are frayed, I've had a constant headache for days and life sucks in a major way right now. I'm trying to maintain some semblance of normality, but I'm not succeeding too well.

Just as an example, I went to the bank this morning to get some papers out of our safe custody packet. One of the girls who used to work for me back when I was manager there saw me standing at the counter and simply asked how I was ....and I started to cry. Oh no! Just could not help it. Luckily she knows me pretty well, knows about the trials of house-building and didn't think I was a total fruitcake. Having a meltdown in the middle of the stodgy bank is not my usual style though. Embarrassing? Yup.

But, I'm totally fed up with things that piss me off, so it must be time for a win list....

1. I have a new training program this week and it's back to the gym for me. Yay! I love new programs. :o) DOMS has struck with a vengeance too - not so Yay....but it comes with the territory.

2. I'm doing OK with nutrition. Not great, but OK. Under the circumstances, I'll settle for that.

3. Yesterday I had a day OFF and went to the races. No work, no training, no clients, no housework. It was nice to get dressed up and have a girls' day out. I didn't win, but then I hardly bet at all. Given my usual luck, it was probably just as well. Better to lose $4 than $400.

4. In spite of Connex's spectacular debacle, which saw rail services from Flemington racecourse just grind to a halt (ON OAKS DAY - gah!!), I did not lose my cool. Luckily, we always leave before the last race to avoid the rush, so we were on a train before the whole thing really blew up. We did get dumped at Kensington station with no idea of how to get to the city to catch our train home....but being resourceful gals, we tottered down the street in our high heels in search of alternative transport. Not a taxi to be had (of course not, they were all at the race course!) and all the buses were heading OUT of the city - and WHY are there no trams in Kensington? Hmm? We eventually spotted some boom gates and found the Upfield line - which was running. Sure, it took 3 hours to get home, but it could have been muuuuch worse.

5. The extremely weird fluid bloating that I woke up with on Monday is finally leaving. What WAS that about....? My fat fingers are back to normal today, hooray!

That's all I can come up with right now, but for someone who's barely holding their shit together, it's not too bad. I may not have won on the tote this week, but I still have a few wins on the board. :o)


Anonymous said...


what a pack of fuckwits your builders are. not cool. just NOT cool.

i thought you were building a porter davis house??? surely they haven't done this to you? they are always gauranteeing their build dates...?

Kek said...

To answer your questions, Miss Kitty: Yes, yes and much for the guarantee! 20 weeks? Pfft. So far, we're up to Week 37....

Definitely not cool.

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