Friday, December 26, 2008

The calm AFTER the storm

Boxing Day is one of my favourite days of the year. I love Christmas, but it can be a bit manic. All the planning leading up to it, the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning (if the celebrations are at our house...). Then the day itself, the rushing around to spend time with various relatives, the food, the drink, the over-excited kids, the food.....

The day after Christmas is always calm, and relaxing, and a chance to just kick back. It's also the beginning of getting back to normal. I love celebrating, but I also love my routine. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit.

So today, while the kids were still sleeping, Bike Boy and I got up at 7-00am (ish) and got on our bikes. Melbourne has FINALLY turned on some fabulous weather: sunny, with not a breath of wind; pleasantly warm, but this early in the day, still cool enough to make exercise fun and not a horrible, sweaty chore. So we tootled off up the main road, and it was a rare pleasure not to be constantly overtaken by enormous trucks and speeding idiots - because not only is it a public holiday, but all the so-called NORMAL people were still in bed, sleeping off their Christmas hangovers.

My husband can be a very patient man at times, which is lucky for me, because I'm completely retarded when it comes to grasping mechanical stuff. Although I've had my Sub-zero for some time, I've barely ridden it, thanks to a combination of a stupidly busy schedule and some really appalling weather. So I'm still trying to get the hang of the gears, which are a lot different to my old Avanti. I was getting frustrated and feeling incredibly stupid, but Bike Boy just patiently called out instructions (Left-hand silver lever! Right-hand black lever!) and kept his pace nice and slow so as not to lose me.

He did make one smart-arse comment about it always being difficult when one of the kids gets a new bike for Christmas..... yeah, hardy-har-har!

So Christmas is done and dusted, the house move is all over, and although we still have a lot to do around here, I'll be back to normal eating and getting training out of the way first thing each morning. I'm hanging out for some routine and structure! I'm also planning some kitchen experiments, and I intend to blog quite a few new recipes.

Today I have a hankering for asparagus and broccoli. Funny how that happens after a day or two of indulging.....

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