Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lucky 13

While most sane people are gearing up for Christmas, in OUR family, today is all about celebrating The Baby's birthday. He wasn't too keen on getting up early this morning to go to work with Dad, but I'm sure he had a good time once he got there....

I had to attend the office today too, although my morning consisted of:

- Checking my emails since Monday (quick scan and delete - nothing important there!)
- Updating my time sheets
- Setting my Out of Office Auto Reply thingy and changing my voicemail message to advise that I AM ON HOLIDAYS AND WON'T BE BACK TILL THE END OF JANUARY - SUCKER!!
- Admiring everyone's offspring - it was like a creche in there today! I almost kidnapped one little cutie, but then thought about the disturbed nights that looking after a 12-month-old involves and thought better of it.
- Touring the office and shaking everyone's hand (or kissing them on the cheek, depending on how well I know them....) and wishing them a Merry Christmas.
- Buggering off to the supermarket for a few supplies for tomorrow, the bakery for a birthday cake, the bottle shop for some more essentials and just soaking up the Christmas shopping ambience and crappy school-kid busking in the main street.

Official finish time was 12:00 noon. Yeah, that's what I call a good working day.

And there'll be birthday cake later. Woohoo!


I actually can't believe that my baby is a teenager. I didn't feel old when Number One Son got his licence, or started uni. But this! This makes me feel positively ancient. Thank goodness he still likes cartoons and Lego.....


ss2306 said...

Happy Birthday little Woods.

Ideal working day Kek. Why can't everyday be like that.

Me, I'm bored shitless today and eagerly awaiting tomorrow.

Have a great celebration tonight and awesome day tomorrow.

SeLiNa said...

Awww give Little A a big raspberry for me, followed by a bear hug!!!

I'm glad you're kinda back, it ain't the same without your wit ;)

All the best to you and the family for a happy and healthy Christmas!! Hope Santa can find you at the mansion!!!

LizN said...

Merry Christmas - I'm so glad you're back - blogging world hasn't been the same without you!

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