Friday, December 26, 2008

My aching back

In the midst of my non-blogging phase, seems I had a birthday. I'm not quite sure how I got to be 48; I still only feel about 28 most of the time. Mind you, lately I've been so stiff in the mornings, I briefly wonder whether I'm actually 98? My lower back in particular gives me grief when I wake up, and although it eases off during the day, things are definitely not as they should be.

I've been pondering the reasons behind the increase in lower lumbar aches and pains, and I've come up with the following:

1. Not enough training. My body is used to being pushed pretty hard most of the time and doesn't like it much when I have an extended period of (a lot) less activity.
2. Not enough flexibility work. *ahem* OK, make that zero flexibility work.
3. No treatments by my osteopath or my physio for the past few months. Um, been busy.....
4. Too much wheat. While we've been so busy, quite a lot of convenience foods have made their way into my meals. Which basically means bread, bread, and more bread.

Number 4 is a big revelation. I've known for a long time that a lot of wheat makes my digestive system get all snarky. It also makes me lethargic and horribly bloated. But this recent increase in pain gave me another lightbulb moment and I've realised that there's also a correlation to lower back pain and general joint stiffness. One more reason for me to keep the ubiquitous grain to a minimum.

This nutrition stuff is a constant learning curve. You think you've nailed it, then you discover something new. Huh, seems you can never know everything. This is just one more reason to stick to unprocessed healthy foods most of the time.

Somebody smack me if I start making toast and Vegemite a staple part of my diet....


Raechelle said...

That's very interesting've prompted me to do some more research and I'm seeing some things add up when it comes to some certain aches I've been experiencing.

Debstar said...

That's me!!!!! I knew about the other stuff but I didn't know about the bread and I've been having much more than usual. Why oh why did I start eating it at breakfast?

Thanks for this information though I might just give in to temptation until the Mother in law leaves and I don't have to explain this to her even though she won't believe me anyway.

Magda said...

Happy Birthday Kek. (Not sure when it was but hope you had a great day).



Flea said...

Check your hight and distance to handles on the new bike out, I know if I cycle on the stationary bike sometimes it gets me right in the lower back too but my normal road bike not, even my left hip gets sore, all to do with biomechanics sometimes. Hope it helps.
Happy Happy Birthday!!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday kerryn- hope you had a good day

Kelly Olexa said...

I've also been noticing MORE stiffness and aches- and I've also coincidentally realized that (I think) wheat/gluten my NOT sit well with my body. Also crazy- I've been somewhat Lactose Intolerant for years and - I just experimented to incorporate some healthy dairy- and I can tolerate it. How funny that perhaps now I am NOT LI anymore and that I could be gluten intolerant. I'm really focusing on cutting out wheat/sugar and incorporating more VARIETY in healthy foods.

Keep us posted on what you learn!!

Rosso said...

Hi this comes as no surprise to me. Grains cause inflammation of your body in various ways. I've touched on this several times in my blog. Also pay attention to your omega 6 to omega 3 ratios.

I've switched over to low GI fruit for my carb intake and cut grains out of the equation altogether. Various Paleo diets also preach along these lines.

May I just add, man you look good for your age. I'll be showing this blog to some family members, its pretty inspirational.

Kek said...

Hi Rosso, thanks for visiting! I love my Omega-3s and I'm back on my beloved fish oil after a short break... :o)

Thanks for the compliment! I hate hearing the "I'm too old, it's too late" excuse. Actually, I can't believe people can even look me in the face and say that. Folks are strange, that's for sure...

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