Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Do you know the worst part of moving? Apart from the actual moving bit anyway.... That would be the CLEANING part, making everything at the old place all spick and span for the new inhabitants.

I'm allergic to housework; it gives me a headache. And I'm officially OVER vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, tidying, scrubbing, sorting, picking up, putting away, or anything vaguely like it.

My usual style is more like hiding stuff in wardrobes. Or in bedrooms and just closing the doors. Problem is, that doesn't cut it when you have the agent bringing a tenant prospect through the place. People who might want to live in a house usually like to look in all the rooms. And possibly even the cupboards.

Anyway, I've had it with the mops and brooms. I'm declaring tomorrow a housework-free zone. :o)


Anonymous said...

i hear your pain kek, i moved three times whilst very pregnant and i always got a cleaner in because the pain and suffering whilst in the last trimester was too great for me!

at a mere $20 an hour it is a well spent $100 to get out of all the grunt work darls.

i'm so pleased that you are finally getting your PD house. although its been a long and bumpy road, you are going to love it. PD homes are beautiful, i love mine and if i could pick it up and move it to the right spot i'd never leave it.


Michelle said...

We feel the same about such things in our place! We've resolved next time we move just to throw money at the problem (hire a cleaner) and hope that it goes away.
For a very active person, dammit I'm lazy!

Kathy said...

Good on you for taking the time and thinking of your tenants. I moved into a place once that the owner had just "left as is" when he changed cities for work. I was astonished with the mess, but loved the apartment. Luckily the property manager was also appalled and arranged for the place to be properly cleaned before I moved in.

I would have loved a landlady like you!

Anonymous said...

I also hate moving - because of the cleaning, you always find all that crap that has accumulated. I'm moving in Jan, so I have started getting rid of the crap - very cathartic - so to speak.

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