Sunday, January 25, 2009

How old ARE you?

This was funny, almost made me spit water all over the keyboard....

You know that "Real Age" test thingy? Well, I took it today, just for fun - it's been a while since I last looked at it. And I realised that their idea of good nutrition is pretty dodgy (food pyramid, anyone?) - apparently my nutrition is poor because:

I eat more than one serve of red meat per week. OK, let's put this in perspective: I don't eat sausages, hamburgers, fatty cuts of meat, or processed meats like salami or ham on a regular basis. I do eat lean porterhouse or fillet steak, Frenched lamb cutlets and some lean pork cuts. Yum! Also some heart-smart mince now and then.

I also have a haemorrhagic disorder that puts me at high risk of iron deficiency. I've been there and never want to go back again, so I'm very careful about my nutrition and the easiest way to maintain my healthy iron levels is with two or three serves of animal carcass each week. Supplements are NOT an option. The side effects are miserable, and more so for someone with IBS.

I don't eat enough grains. Yeah....when my diet was largely grain-based, I was fat, tired and my IBS was totally out of control. Switching some of that stuff for fruit, veggies, dairy and starchy veg like potatoes and beans has made an enormous difference. I also add whole oats, rice and an occasional serve of wheat. This lot recommend 6-11 serves of grains and cereals per day. OMG.

There was also some stuff about lacking calcium and some vitamins, which they couldn't possibly know, because they don't ask the right questions.

Anyways, all that nonsense aside, this is the bit that made me laugh.... In the Fitness section, the verdict was that I'm pushing myself too hard. This is what it said:

If you are not getting the results you want with exercise, talk to your doctor about how to safely improve your workout.

Judging from your answers, it looks like you burn more calories per week from exercise than we would recommend in order to help you grow younger (about 3,500 calories each week). In fact, your workout is at the level of an athlete. So if you’re considering working out more often or more intensely, talk to your doctor first.

You can probably hear the thunk! as I fall off my chair laughing yet again.

I'm working out at the level of an athlete? Yep, that would be because I AM an athlete, you twits!

Bwahahahaha! By the way, why on earth would you talk to a doctor about training? Last I checked, they don't actually cover fitness training in medical school. My GP is involved in masters athletics, but even she doesn't give me exercise advice. She knows I already have an expert looking after that side of things.

If you want a bit of fun, or just a very general overview of where you're at, go ahead and take the test. Just don't take it too seriously.


Unknown said...

Kerryn-that was one of the most irritating and looong questionnaires I have ever done!! Now waiting for results- will let you know what transpires! Prob have me as a 90 year old crone! However- I like quizzes so that's why I did it.

Kek said...

LOL - sorry, Linda....I found it irritating too. More so the silly result. Although it DID tell me my real age is 42-point-something. I was foolishly hoping for 35.

Unknown said...

yeah- I was hoping for something like that too. It had me at 53. Whenever I've done a similar test it's always- get more sleep! I wish!

Toni said...

Hi Kek, I saw this on H1 today and did it as well......I'm six years above my age (I wasn't surprised) Steve on the other hand was 5 years below his age.....I guess you can work out who is fit and exercises in our household and who doesn't :-(

gypsy77 said...

Yay....I'm only 27.1. Seems I lost some points because of stress and too much alcohol. And yeah, I exercise too much.

That was annoying, but I just had to finish it anyway.


And thankyou for your kind words yesterday Kek!

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