Friday, January 30, 2009

Is it hot in here?

I'm sure everyone's droning on about how HOT it is in Melbourne at the moment. When people whinge about the heat, I usually roll my eyes and think It's summer, Dude....what were you expecting? But this is a little out of the ordinary.

Yesterday hit 43.8C at the closest BoM weather station to us. That's 113F on the old scale - if anybody else is old enough to remember Fahrenheit... Not a big deal as long as you're not:

- stuck in a non-air conditioned office or house
- travelling by train (Someone explain to me why these train problems happen every summer and yet it's "unexpected"?)
- in a suburb that's blacked out (again with the contingency plans, people!!)

We've been lucky - our power has been fine, although we did have a burst water main a few nights ago and had to turn off the pump on our evaporative cooling for a few hours - and Bike Boy, who catches the train to work, is still on holidays.

So I've spent the last couple of days mostly indoors, gone to the gym early and survived quite well, apart from having to park my car in the full sun yesterday, because the usual dozens of undercover car parking spaces were all taken. By the people who are TOO CHEAP TO PAY FOR PARKING EVERY OTHER DAY. Aargh!! Does anyone know how hot it is inside a black car at 4:30pm when it's been parked in the full sun all day and it's almost 44C outside? Me either, but it was VERY unpleasant.


Today I dragged my feet getting to the gym and arrived well after 8:00am. It was already stifling in there. The guy on reception told me it was dead there yesterday arvo. Hardly surprising.

I got through my leg workout no probs, and was very grateful that I didn't have to do cardio today. Ugh.


My strategies seem to be helping. I've had no trouble at all sticking to good nutrition, training is no drama, and I've been sleeping better - and a bit longer. I've taken all my supplements, every single day, and water consumption has been easy-peasy, given the heat. I think I hit 7 litres yesterday.

The scales were NOT my friend early in the week - not because of what they showed, but because they decided not to work. At all. The batteries ran out a couple of days before and I'd changed them, yet they still kept telling me the batteries were low. I was mighty cranky about it, so Bike Boy came to the rescue and volunteered to pull them apart, give them a clean and see if that helped.

He turned them over, found that the little switch that lets you select pounds, kilograms or stone(s?) was kind of part way between two settings. He flicked it back to kg and voila! The damn things work! D'oh!

Anyway, my threat of throwing them in the bin must have made them decide to play nice, because weight is tracking downwards very nicely. Or maybe it's that eating well and training thing..... ;o)


Magda said...

And Adelaide too Kek. We hit 45.7 on Wednesday at 3.30pm just as all the kids were getting out of school. No wonder BS was a grumpy little sh*t.

:-) Magda

Sairs said...

I'd wave at a fellow Adelaidian Magda, but it's still to warm for me to get that energetic!!

We're playing a little game in the heat, called 'spot the most ridiculous clothing or behaviour'. It's not that hard, you just have to be out in the horrid heat for a period of time (I walk to and from work) and I guarantee you'll find them... people wearing trackpants, men in suits with woolen jackets.. or my fav, as I saw today, people doing sprint training in a park in full sunlight.

I'll stick to the much more appropriate plan - lie on the floor in front of the aircon, surfing the Net and sipping a margarita! :-)

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