Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's 2009 already?

Happy New Year to all, hope it's a wonderful year for everyone!

Our New Year's Eve has been very low-key, just us at home. The Middle Child had to work, which meant I had to go pick him up at 10:00pm, and if we'd then gone out somewhere, we'd have arrived around 11:00pm. No thanks. As it turned out, it was scary on the roads - not because of the other drivers, but because of the completely pissed and idiotic pedestrians... Remind me never to venture out into Bogan Central, where TMC works, on New Year's Eve again.

I was being a bit nostalgic tonight and fondly remembering New Year's Eve 1999. You know, the big end-of-millenium shebang? We had a few people over and all of us had small children. So I had a brilliant idea - we'd tell the littlies it was midnight at 9:30pm, let them wave a few sparklers around, and then pack them off to bed. THEN the grownups could party on with no tired, whiney rugrats to worry about. My dastardly plot was aided by the TV coverage of the whole New Year's hoo-ha, because at around 9:30pm, it WAS midnight in Tuvalu or somewhere equally obscure.

So we revved them up at about 9:15, turned on the TV and then did the whole "LOOK, it's midniiiight....see, fireworks!! Yaaaayyyy!!" It worked a treat.

Trouble is, the buggers can tell the time now. Dammit.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all bloggers, commenters and lurkers. I hope you all get what you desire in the coming year.


Cherub said...

Happy New Year. Ours was low key too, but enjoyable.

2009 is going to be fantastic, I know it.

little rene said...

Happy New Year Kek :)

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Happy new year Kerry! Here's to a absolutely fantastic year.

Unknown said...

Happy new year to you too Kek!! I may be in contact for some pt and goal setting if you'll have me! I'll be in touch.



Cinders said...

Happy New Year Kek :) You're very fortunate to be starting a new year in a new house.

Andrea said...

Hi Kek, your story made me laugh. I will have to tuck that one away for future reference. LOL.
Glad to see the house is almost there. It will be such a big relief when you can finally just sit down and enjoy it.

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