Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mrs Moody

As well as dealing with the aftermath of moving, school holidays, and the usual January flood of personal training enquiries and new clients, I've had an added ingredient to make life really fun: my hormones have just gone completely mental. It's been going on for several weeks and is making me crazy.

I know I'm 48, and that my reproductive system is winding down, but I don't feel as though I ought to be having these issues just yet.... that's probably my Peter Pan complex showing. And quite honestly, I don't have the time or patience to deal with them.

I did a little research and discovered that the following are just some of the symptoms of perimenopause:

Mood swings
Sore breasts
Headache / migraine
Hot flushes / sweats
Tiredness – increasing
Weight gain
Lack of concentration
Reduced capacity to cope with daily activities
Fluid retention
Inability to handle stress
Period problems and fibroids
Unstable blood sugar
Sluggishness in the mornings

Well, at least I can cross off period problems and fibroids - no uterus rules those out. I knew there had to be a bonus to having most of my reproductive system ripped out. But I can pretty much tick the boxes on all the rest. Huh, irritability? That's an understatement. Homicidal tendencies would be more accurate. Bloating? A puffer fish would look more svelte than me at the moment. Sluggishness in the mornings? Even two strong coffees doesn't get me going. And as for mood swings..... all I can say is: my poor husband is a very patient man at times.

Whether this really is perimenopause, or just extreme PMS with really off-kilter cycles (entirely likely, given my past history), I don't know. And it really doesn't matter much - either way, it still sucks.

I think I'll just hide out in a cave somewhere and take my evening primrose oil till this passes. It'll be safer for everyone.


On the plus side, I was so moody this morning that I wound myself up into a real temper, got all Grrrr and really caned it on the spin bike. My inner two-year-old was having a tantrum the whole time, screaming "DON'T WANNA!" and being all whiney, urging me to just quit, because it was HA-A-A-ARD. But I managed to ignore her and got through the whole torturous 45 or so minutes.

I feel marginally better now. Although I might need a nap later.


Cheryl said...

Ohh I hear ya Kek, Sounds exactly like me. I think the change is starting for me at 39.

Fifi said...

I have ALL those symptoms. I'm only 43 but my doctor said about 4 years ago I was going into perimenopause about 5 years earlier than average. I was also reading that you actually get in increase in estrogen during perimenopause (hence the weight gain and in my case HUGE boobs). They say it can last 10 years....geez, what the bloody hell is actual menopause going to be like?? Having a hot flush right now!

Raechelle said...

Oh girl! Feeling for you totally-and watching your every move...curious about how a fit and healthy chick deals with these changes-cause that's what us fit and healthy chick's RIGHT behind you will have to do too!
Just keep blogging girlfriend!

Debstar said...

Oh yeah, I feel your pain.

Unknown said...

Welcome to the world of hot flushes and grumpyness! I'm well through parts of it but still have the hot flushes although they come and go. It's a challenging time cos although you can fool yourself that you're not getting older when a stage like this happens- then wham!.... it stares you in the face!

Ronnie said...

My sore breasts start at least 14 days before my period. All week I have had period like symptons and finally have my period today. Rarely feel like sex anymore and I was very highly sexed before...hubby doesn't know what to make of it. I can be asleep by 7pm and still want to get up at 5.30am. My hubby actually said that menopuase was an excuse for everything. That certainly made me horny.

Maybe too much information sorry. But looks like we are all suffering in one way or another. :-(

Chris H said...

HA! That list cracked me up! I had ALL of those symptoms! Still do have some of them .. but like you... no more monthly problems.. yaaaa for hysterectomy's eh?

Wendy said...

my severe PMT took me to the naturopath 2 months ago. I get PMS from day 12 so am pretty cranky most of the month! Needless to say, the blend of herbs she has me on has worked a treat and i am much more stable and pleasant to live with. Maybe a trip to the naturopath may be the order of the day!


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