Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nearly done

We've been in our new house for almost three weeks now, and we're ALMOST completely unpacked and pretty well organised. Moving house always results in a weird mixture of losing stuff and finding stuff, and I have now rediscovered:

- Some jewellery I hadn't seen in a long time. Nothing expensive - hell, it's not even REAL, but still...there are some pieces I like to wear. And now I can. Except that one favourite necklace that's been missing since about May 2007. Grr.

- My chicken fillets. Great. Yeah, I could reeeeally have used those in September-October. Right now, I have plenty of real padding, so they're relegated to the back of a drawer.

- All my photo albums. Uh-oh. A word of advice: Never unpack the box(es) containing your photo albums till you've done everything else. You can lose an entire DAY. Bike Boy was rolling his eyes after about the 17th time I called "Quick! Come and look at THIS!" Aww, but my babies were so CUTE. And Gawd, I was so ...uh.... FAT. And ooh - look at my dark-hair. Sometimes I forget I'm not actually a blonde.

- A big stash of paper plates and disposable cutlery. And another. Oh, and look: more over here. I've calculated that we won't need to buy barbecue or picnic stuff for about - ohhh, forever.

I still have to tackle the piles of stuff in my yet-to-be-fitted-out studio. I'll get to that. One thing at a time....


Fifi said...

You're doing well! I still have about 6 boxes of stuff that was scooped up of the kids bedroom and playroom floor in the rush to move.....14 months ago...still sitting in the shed.

I'm sure there are gecko's breeding in there now!


Flea said...

grrrr hate to see those boxes, we have to move in '09 and I so dread it already.

Kek said...

Well, I've almost emptied the last few - I just need some more storage tubs to go up in the roof space, so I can pack my photo albums away safely.

I've been getting all nostalgic - friends' weddings, babies, some happy times...and a couple of dear friends who are no longer with us. :o( I'm glad I have the photos and the memories anyway.

Jadey said...

Happy new Year Kek!

Hey you are doing well! I only moved to Sydney with 10 or so boxes and I think 9 of them are downstairs unopened. Haha

Raechelle said...

Ha Ha! yes-ditto on the advice about the photo albums!
This really is the fun part of moving -the rediscovery-it can be like x-mas all over! But the amazing thing is-when we manage to live perfectly fine for ages without that "stuff"! I'm actually dreading pulling all of our junk out of storage when ever we find a permanent place again...I've gone this long without it-do I really need it-LOL!

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