Saturday, January 31, 2009

So this is normal?

I seem to have found some renewed focus and this week has just got better and better in terms of training. This morning, I really smashed my upper body at the gym (having a little trouble typing now...), and then when I'd finished, I decided on the spur of the moment to do a little posing practice. They have nice big mirrors there, much better than my skinny full length mirror in our bedroom. My next competition may be a while away, but it's never too early to improve on your posing. Maybe I'll take my shoes next time - it's just not the same in cross-trainers.

I had a couple of moments where I had to stop and think: how do I do that pose again? But not once did I feel self-conscious. Boy, is THAT progress. I don't actually feel like I'm just pretending any more. I wear my ANB Competitor tank top with pride. And a bit of attitude.


I swear my shoulders and back have grown. Hamstrings maybe just a little too. Even Bike Boy has noticed, so I don't think it's wishful thinking.

Might post a photo in a few weeks, when I've ditched the last teensy bit of this excess weight I've accumulated. Almost there....scales have dropped a kilo in the past week. And I'm doing almost ZERO cardio. Good nutrition, Baby - that's the key.


Upside of a heat wave: I'm getting through a LOT of water at the moment. More than 7 litres the past couple of days. There's a theory that lots of water helps lactate transport and my body is totally crap at that particular function, which is why I'm always hit with DOMS within 10-12 hours.

Yesterday, I upped the ante on my leg workout - more weight, more effort, and I was expecting mega-soreness by last night. But it didn't happen. This morning, I have some moderate DOMS, but that's all. Yay for that. I'm still chugging down the water - let's see what happens with my upper body tonight/tomorrow.

Downside of a heat wave: The new gym is next to some undeveloped bushland, and something fairly large has died in there (I'm guessing roo or wombat).... and this hot weather is making the putrid aroma of decaying animal waft across the car park.



ss2306 said...

Glad to hear "you're back" Kerryn. I've missed you!

I find myself posing all the time and becoming a photo slut too!

Kelly Olexa said...

did you say "hot weather" ??? What?? LOL it's 5 degrees here!! hehheehe


Tara said...

Great work on the growth Kerryn, Looking forward to seeing pics :o) I am the same with posing, give me a mirror and it is now automatic for me to go into one haha I think that my husband is a bit sick of it.

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