Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sometimes the universe SUCKS

I'm fortunate to have met some great people online, via fitness forums and blogs. Some of them have even come and stayed with me, trained with me, played with me (and one of them has even rubbed Dream Tan into parts of me that she probably wishes she'd never seen).

Something really bizarre is going on in the universe at the moment though, with two of my friends, who I care about A LOT going through some major trauma of the heartbreak kind. I have this insane urge to get on a plane - although that wouldn't work, since they live in different locations. OK, maybe two planes.... and give them both the biggest hug of their lives, a gift pack from Koko Black and a BIG bottle of something seriously alcoholic, and THEN go round and punch the living daylights out of the bastards who've ripped their hearts out and stomped all over them.

Since I can't do that, and I'm feeling totally useless and helpless, I'm asking anyone who has a heart to go show them some blog lurve.... Sara is here and Selina is over here (and she's learned some new words too - aww, I'm so proud!). Off you go - girlfriends need all the support and sympathy they can get at times like these.


I'll be back with some fitness-related posts very soon. Been a little busy with family stuff, and having a HOLIDAY. :o) Not to mention supporting my girls.....


ss2306 said...

Been thinkin' bout you!

Can't wait for some REGULAR blogging.

BTW HNY. Hope you celebrated in style.

MTB Girl said...

Doesn't it suck that neither of us are near them? :(

WHAT is going on with men at the moment???

Ronnie said...

Hearring ya Kek. I have a cop cousin in Mackay and wondering if he can legitimatley beat the crap out of the f***er!

Kek said...

Aww, y'all are so SWEET. Shelley, I owe you an email, a phone call and about a billion blog comments. Coming up, I promise! :o)

Amanda, it sucks soooo bad. I've been moping around all Grrr, men! I think BB is afraid to come near me. LOL.

Ronnie, do you think you could make a call...? :p

Sara said...

If it wasn't for you, and the rest of my girls I think I'd be... well, I can't even imagine. I can't thank you enough for your support. This is the most stressful thing I've ever been through, but the positive has been seeing how many people really do care. ;)

Kek said...

You're welcome, sweetie. See, lots of people love you, so you-know-who is obviously completely mental and doesn't deserve you anyway.

MTB Girl said...

I totally agree with Kek's comments! *MWAH*

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