Friday, January 16, 2009

Sucking it up

Thanks for all the comments, ladies - at least I know I'm not alone. :o) I woke up this morning still feeling flat, tired, cranky and a bit blah, but I'm trying to ignore it and just get on with things. I figure I can't just lie around with the blankets over my head. Not for long, anyway; life just goes on, with or without your willing participation.

Today's number one priority was to get to the gym. It's nice and quiet around 9:00am now that most people are back at work. There were two guys in the weights area and one on a treadmill, so nobody interfering with my workout. Probably just as well for them. ;o) So my pulling workout with supersets was unimpeded, and should result in some super-dooper DOMS tonight.

Training is done, I'm all organised for client sessions this afternoon, and as soon as I've swallowed some lunch (chicken and mango salad - yum!), I plan to deal with some emails. I have some programs to write this evening, plus a bit of research to do - and The Baby is having a friend sleep over tonight. Busy day! But it sure beats moping around....

I also have a half-written post about the results of my genetic profiling that I had done back in JULY. *rolls eyes* I'll make an effort to finish that and publish it sometime over the weekend too. It's very interesting....


Witchazel said...

Have you tried a Test booster???
I have found my mood swings and premenopausal symptoms when I take the Test booster and the day after I stop them - wham right back in nastyville... Cath

MTB Girl said...

Suck it up princess :P You know I say it with love :)

Please dish on the profiling - I'm very interested.

I was very annoyed to get to my gym and find it full. At lunchtime! I want my quiet lunchtime sessions back - I hate fighting over the benches.

Have a great night :)

Debstar said...

I wonder if you will be 25 or 103. I think I died last year.

Sara said...

Are you taking any supplements for these symptoms? I know there are some herbs that are meant to be really useful *wanders off to check it out*.

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