Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All a-quiver

I love when you start a new weights program and your muscles go all WTF? on you, but this morning was the weirdest thing I've ever experienced.

I completed my bench press sets, my bent-over rows and moved onto overhead DB press. My poor pectorals were obviously traumatised by the 4:2:4 tempo of the bench press, because after only a few reps of shoulder presses, the left side of my chest started to shake and quiver like there was an earthquake going on. The right side was fine.

So I'm staring at myself in the mirror, grimacing with the effort, but trying not to laugh at the same time, because my left boob was jumping around all over the place.

Maybe that's why I was in such a good mood this morning. Nothing like a good laugh to start your day well.


I'm not laughing so much now. The leg DOMS from yesterday is baaaaaad, and now my top half is joining the pain party.

Yeah, grow, little muscles, grow!

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