Friday, February 27, 2009

Good days continue...

Today's workout: Day 3, which is: Oh My God, LEGS!! They've almost recovered from Tuesday's thrashing, but I took the cautious approach and dropped the weights back a little....

I still wobbled out of the gym. I'm sure those two kookaburras were laughing AT me as I crossed the car park.

Today's make-me-smile moment: Ah, simple things.... I jumped in the car and headed on my way to the gym at 5:55am. About 1km from home, before I even exited our housing estate, I rounded a slight bend and had to hit the anchors so that five roos could cross the road safely. Cuuuuute!

My family laugh at me, because I'm totally in love with kangaroos and never get sick of spotting them. Like every day. Usually more than once. The kids just roll their eyes when I point them out on the drive to school and mutter "yeah, seen 'em before...."


Unknown said...

Awww @ Roos! :-D

Raechelle said...

After living in Aus for 12 years, we still marvel at the wildlife-can't get enough of it! Even the roos and wallabies we see all the time ;-)

Sounds like you are still up! Good stuff! Have a nice weekend!

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