Friday, February 20, 2009


After wavering between super-committed and ah, what the hell for a few weeks, I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm now walking the permanent path to getting my shit together-ville. I'm not naiive enough to think that all will be smooth sailing from now on (when does that ever happen?), but this feels different. So fingers crossed.

After spending a few days at my mother's, helping her after her knee replacement surgery, I came home with a new determination to move past this crappy phase and just get on with things. So I got up early on Wednesday and did Amy Bento's A-Team Boot Camp. I stuck to my planned meals as well, drank a small lake's worth of water and got up yesterday, expecting to see at least a little drop on the scales. 100g would do, thanks. Uh....not so. Apparently, it was time for some silly scale games, because I managed to GAIN 400g overnight. I just raised my eyebrows and said out loud: Pfft. Whatever....

Yesterday, I must have lost my mind. I was suffering from killer DOMS in my glutes and hamstrings, and I decided that training LEGS would be a good idea. I then followed that up with a short run on the treadmill. I spent yesterday afternoon walking like I had a stick up my arse.

Today, when I could barely get out of bed unaided, I decided that a nice gentle walk was on the agenda for today's training effort. The only good thing about this pain is that I'm visualising my teeny tiny hammies and undersized glutes putting on some major size. Wishful thinking? Maybe...

So I've now had two days of good eating and hard training and this morning the scales dropped 900g. That means that I'm sitting at exactly 59kg - right where I was a few weeks ago. No progress in terms of those couple of kgs I need to shift, but at least I haven't ballooned up to the size of a baby hippo. That's a pretty big achievement, all things considered.

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little rene said...

Glad to hear that things are slowing improving :)
Take care xxx

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