Thursday, February 26, 2009

My hero!

The Middle Child may just have earned himself a new nickname. Bike Boy suggested something along the lines of Big Game Hunter.

He came home from school yesterday, to find a crippled *shudder* mouse in the middle of the floor, apparently having lost the use of two of its legs. (Good to know those baits work! Die, you creepy little mofos!)

If it had been me, I'd have run screaming from the house and refused to go back inside until Bike Boy arrived home to do his manly duty. I once opened the linen cupboard at our old house to discover a DEAD mouse, and I slammed the door shut, ran out of the room and refused to go back into the laundry until my dear one could dispose of the fuzzy little carcass. Unfortunately, he was interstate at the time. So guess how much washing and ironing got done for the week until he got home? That's right - zero. *ahem* I digress....

My brave boy grabbed the broom and the dustpan, scooped up the offensive, disgusting, revolting, hideous (yeah, so I'm a bit phobic - so what?) critter and disposed of it in the bin. Hurrah!

Of course, I won't be putting any rubbish in the bin until it's been emptied on Friday....

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