Thursday, February 26, 2009

Recipe alert! ...and a food rant

You've been very patient. Here's your reward: Sweet chilli prawns.

This was GOOD.


I have more coming up, soon as I get a chance to test them. I've been madly creating recipes in my head, but I need to make sure they actually TASTE alright before I share them.

Choc-chip/macadamia cookies sound good, anyone? Anyone....?


Why on earth would anyone live on dull, dull, DULL diet rations, when you can eat this sort of stuff and still build a great physique? I was especially annoyed when I flicked through this month's Oxygen, to see the usual no-carb diet crapola presented as the answer to how to get a great physique. Bah! to that, I say!

Today I enjoyed:

- Vanilla porridge with skim milk and hazelnuts
- Spiced cranberry cookies and green tea
- Tomato-olive fettucine with chicken (and lots of veg, of course)
- Yoghurt-berry crunch
- Sweet chilli prawns
- And I still have a big bowl of delicious, sweet, juicy pineapple to look forward to later.

Time spent preparing food today: about 20 minutes. Just breakfast and dinner, all the rest came out of the fridge or pantry.

It's not brain surgery, people....carbs are your friend, honest.

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KatieP said...

You're going off girl - I love it! Keep it up. It's inspiring me even more. You sure we didn't come out of the same mould? Cookies - me please.


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