Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recipe alert!

Boy, things are hotting up in my kitchen this week! Last night, I cooked dinner (not that common an occurrence, let me tell you) and it was good. Moroccan-style roast lamb went down a treat.

Moroccan flavours got me thinking about Marrakech, and my mind wandered to Led Zeppelin who were more than a little fond of the place (must have had some good drugs there, back in the 70s) ....and that led me to scour Youtube for one of my favourite songs of all time, Kashmir.

Which is nowhere near Morocco, but who cares? This is my stream-of-consciousness thinking after all, so I can go wherever I like. :p

My taste in music is a little broad.... I'd post a Chopin video if only he'd made some... Damn you, Nineteenth Century and your lack of technology!

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Spooky said...

I LOVE Kashmir~! Best song ever!! :D

Love your blog, and your bicep looks fantastic. Go you! :D

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