Friday, February 27, 2009

Roomie needed....

As I may have already mentioned, I'm planning on going to FILEX this year - I was so peeved that I couldn't get there last year. *makes a sad face*

What with the registration cost, airfares, accommodation, meals, shopping and other essential expenses, it gets to be an expensive weekend. I've sourced some discount airfares (I think the conditions said something about a seat on the wing or something?) and I'm hoping to save a little on accommodation by having someone share with me.

If any of you fitfreaks are planning on going and would like to split the cost of a serviced apartment, you can email me. Girls only, thanks.... :o)

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to veto any homicidal maniacs, cyber-stalkers or anyone who disapproves of chocolate as a carb portion.


ss2306 said...

You're so funny and made me laugh - chocolate as carbs works for me but unfortunately I can't make it this year.

SeLiNa said...

Hey, meant to mail you to say that my mum and sis are coming again this year. We booked our flights on Monday, but can't wait to catch up with you again!!1

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