Saturday, February 21, 2009


I gave my inner princess (or should that be my inner slack-arse?) a smackdown today and it felt GOOD. All was going as planned: I trained upper body and then headed up the stairs for some cardio on the dreaded elliptical. Yes, I still hate that thing! It was cool in the gym with the big roller door open and a pretty strong southerly breeze blowing through, so unlike some recent days, I wasn't overwhelmed by the heat that can accumulate in an un-air conditioned steel-roofed shed. I got to the top of the stairs, I registered that it was *ugh!* HOT up there. Enough to make me uncomfortable in long pants. I sighed, grumbled to myself, got on the elliptical and started my warm up. One minute in, my iPod battery died. Aargh! The ONLY way I can get through a boring and difficult elliptical workout is with the aid of some seriously pumping music. The annoying voice in my head that had been trying to persuade me to just skip cardio and go home got louder and more insistent.

Come on, you did a great weights workout. You can go for a walk later. You've been goooooood. It was hot. I was grumpy. Right, I decided, I'm going home! I could hear the Princess gleefully claiming victory....

Ha! Not quite. I walked in the door at home five minutes later, dumped my gym bag, changed into bike shorts and put on a Spinervals DVD. 23 minutes later, I was off the bike and into some core stuff on the BOSU. And I'm done for the day - oh yeah!

I love me a good smackdown.


LizN said...

I think your Inner Princess and my Gollum would make an excellent blind date!

Kathryn said...


Sounds like a more fun workout too - the ellipical thingo is totes boring. I'd die without my ipod.

Magda said...

way 2 go. I love those days



Raechelle said...

Good O' girl!

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