Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This morning has been one of complete and utter pain. At 6:00am, I did my first run-though of my new program. LEGS, my favourite. Uh...make that used to be my favourite.

Right now, I think they're completely numb. I did my pre-hab exercises *yawn* and nicely warmed-up, moved onto the real stuff. Yeah! Thinks I; Something meaty, that's what I like. You know that saying, Be careful what you wish for? I loaded the bar for squats, keeping the weight nice and light because - you know - new program, gotta figure out the right weight for the sets and reps and so on. Well, turns out that was a wise move. Squats with a tempo of 4:1 are KILLERS.

Next was Romanian deadlifts. I smiled a little smile to myself. I love these.... I grabbed a reasonably heavy pre-loaded bar and got started, again with the 4:1 tempo and by set three, my glutes were shaking. I think that's a good thing. I failed one rep short of my final set - not because of the legs though, my grip gave out. My forearms were burning, along with my butt - if I hadn't dropped that bar back into the rack it would have crashed to the floor. I don't want that kind of attention, thanks.

The rest was just a haze of pain and I had to cut back on sets or I might have cried. I stretched, then wobbled my way out of the gym on legs that resembled wet noodles.

Stuff cardio - I'll do something tonight, maybe a nice walk.


And just because I'm a complete masochist, I dropped the kids at school, then headed to the salon for a bikini wax. Boy, I know how to have a good time. ;o)


I've no idea what my weight is today. The blasted scales are still refusing to work. Bike Boy found me some fancy-schmancy glass ones at a bargain price on eBay last night, we're just waiting to find out if we can avoid the extortionate postage by picking them up. The mirror tells me I'm doing good though. So does the old Pants-ometer. :o)

I only have 2kg or thereabouts to drop, so hardly a big ask. Kick my butt if I start using Tim Tams as carb portions, OK?


Unknown said...

Am I totally evil to be nodding through the post going "Sounds good... Sounds good..." and *only* cringing at the bikini wax?


Kek said...

Nah, the leg workout was less painful. LOL.

Still, it was a lot less agonising than last time, after I let things go for - well, rather a long time. Yikes! Never doing that again...

ss2306 said...

I say go the tim tams!

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